My first ever fabric fauxdori

Last weekend my first ever fauxdori travelers notebook arrived from Lyra and Co on Etsy.  And my, is it gorgeous!  And not only gorgeous, but perfect too!  I had been waiting so impatiently for it to arrive that I had to admit I sat indoors the entire morning last Saturday hoping that the postman would drop it through the door… and he did.  And so, the happy dance was done… obviously!


It’s arrived!!

I bought this one on a whim as I already had my eye on a leather one from Ink Bandits, but unfortunately for me that shop was closed during the end of January so I had resigned myself to have to wait.  Then one evening scrolling through Etsy (as you do), I spotted this beautiful unicorn themed fabric one and knew instantly there was no way this would not be passing through my checkout before the night was through!

So, what’s it like?

Other than gorgeous, obviously?  Well, it’s really well made for a start. The stitching is perfect and there is one large pocket, and two smaller pockets sewn into the two inside covers.  That’s 6 pockets in total for all you vital TN accessories – stickers, stencils etc. as well as a very handy elasticated pen loop.  When I bought this I actually hadn’t given the pen loop a second thought really.  But having used this for a week now I can honestly say that it is so handy for keeping your favorite pen to hand, and the pockets are incredibly useful.  It also comes with four elastics and which are nice and chunky, and feel like they are going to hold everything nice and securely.



I got the regular extra wide version because I had some coloured tabs that the lovely Paige from from @BujoWitch on Instagram gave away last month, and I knew I wanted to use these to mark pages in my notebooks.  When laid flat end to end, this fauxdori measures approximately 28.5cm.  My notebooks are from Travelers Times on Etsy and are the 21cm x 11cm standard Midori sized notebooks.  They are approximately 5mm thick and in this Lyra and Co fauxdori I can easily fit four of these notebooks and have it comfortably close nicely with nothing sticking out at the edge.  When I added my tabs on I knew there wouldn’t be a huge amount of room for them not to poke out so I stuck them so that they stick out from the page about 5mm, which I find is quite enough to allow you to find the page you are looking for easily.


Keeping tabs: sticking out from the pages… but not too much.

Even with my pilot metropolitan retro pop fountain pen (which is a relatively chunky) held in the pen loop, everything still sits quite nicely without the boundaries of the cover, which is something I was really looking for with any fauxdori I chose.


From the top: as you can see, it holds four 5mm notebooks quite happily, with still a little space from edge.

The fabric cover:

As mentioned, the cover is really well made.  It’s flexible but just stiff enough to make sure all your notebooks are held securely and won’t get damaged with use.  This is just as well if you have the monthly calendar notebook from Travelers Times which has pages enough for 33 monthly overviews – just 3 months shy of three years – so that’s going to last a while!  The holes for the elastic are secured by sturdy metal eyelets so the fabric won’t tear or fray as the elastic is pulled and stretched.  The cover is also slightly padded on the inside which goes towards making the whole product just feel really lovely, secure and well made.

So all in all, and considering I only bought this item on a whim while I was waiting to purchase from another shop, this fabric fauxdori (or, Lyradori as Lyra and Co’s  are called!) is absolutely perfect for me and I can definitely see myself using this one for a long time.  I’ve also ordered a leather fauxdori from Ink Bandits on Etsy which arrived this week (super fast delivery for a bespoke item!) so I’ll put a review up of that one as soon as I can.



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