If someone had asked me if i were a patient person, my answer would definitely be yes.  I have oodles of it. Loads, in fact.  However, I am currently waiting the arrival of my first ever fauxdori which the lovely Lyra and Co are making, and I find myself doing the ‘jiggly chair dance’ whenever I think about it, and counting down the days until it arrives. It’s like stationery Christmas!

Let me clear here, and state that the awaited delivery is in no way being lax.  I am very much still in the delivery window of ‘item usually ships in 1-2 weeks’. I suspect that my being patient isn’t really being patient at all since I’ve bought my standard size travelers notebooks already, covered them all in pretty paper, have filled out the monthly view (for the entire year), and started adding lists and items in the dotted, lined and squared books.


So there’s really nothing left to do except gaze at them adoringly, and wait for their fauxdori cover to arrive.  So, no.  Clearly I am not being very patient when it comes to stationery and planners.  I just want it to be here in my house, so I can put my lovely covered traveler notebook inserts into it and start using it.

And, the cover has unicorns on it.  Unicorns!  Now, who is not to be excited about that…




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